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We’re REDy. Are you?

We’re REDy. Are you?

Tomorrow is getREDy Day. Make sure you wear red.

Public sector workers need jobs they can count on to deliver services Tasmanians need. Tomorrow we’re serving the Statement of Intent with the leaders of Tasmania’s three political parties.

Tasmania needs a pay rise – we need to scrap the public sector wages cap.

CPSU Members have overwhelmingly voted to scrap the wages cap, about 94% of respondents supported the Statement of Intent (see below):

C_Statement of Intent Flyer A4(v2.1)

The headlines: 3% increases over 3 years with no trade-offs. Last week we presented this to members at statewide member meetings.

This Statement of Intent is not a traditional log of bargaining claims.  It contains no ambit but simply sets out all the issues we expect to be addressed in the upcoming negotiations.  We will campaign to achieve all these elements and our campaign will end when they are all fully delivered.

getREDy Day

What’s happening:

Public sector workers are wearing red – plan your outfit for tomorrow now, and make sure it’s red!


8.15am – go RED for getREDy. Come to the CPSU salon from 8.15am at our 157 Collins Street Office. Let us know if you can make it: call us on 6234 1708 or email us on 

9.30-10.30 – CPSU Members wearing red t-shirts are going to sit in the public gallery at  Question Time at Parliament House.

12.45-1.30pm – CPSU Members will join us to serve the Statement of Intent to all three political parties for better working conditions and job security for more than 29,000 public sector workers  so that we can continue providing quality public services to all Tasmanians.


Around the public sector – Delegates and Members are holding red morning teas.

With the help of Members, we’re flyer dropping workplaces, cafes, you name it to spread the word- it’s getREDy Day and Tasmania needs a pay rise


getREDy: It’s going to be a big day, so join us in painting the public sector red.


Share your photos. Find getREDy selfie signs here for individuals and groups here. Take photos on your phone and send it to Jo Clydesdale on 0408 252 484 or email them to Help us create colour and action for getREDy Day to paint our social media red! Use the hashtag #getREDy on social media.
Share our social media posts. Tasmanians need a pay rise – we need to scrap the cap.  Click on the links to follow us on Twitter and Instagram and like us on Facebook so you can help Tasmanians understand the importance of public services.  

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