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Budget Update

The Tasmanian budget released yesterday confirms that Will Hodgman does not value you, your professionalism or dedication to serving the community.
The budget papers reveal provision for only a 2% wage rise for public sector workers until at least 2023 which is the continuation of an arbitrary and unfair cap on your wages by the Premier.  Any argument that fair wage increases are not affordable is blown away by big surpluses forecast for the next 4 years.
It relegates many public sector working people, such as rangers, allied health professionals, teachers and nurses to being the lowest paid in the country.   For many we know it means they will struggle to make ends meet in the face of rapidly rising costs of living.
Will Hodgman has delivered another slap in the face for public sector working people who suffered his government’s savage budget cuts in 2014.   Since then, already unmanageable workloads have increased and stress levels have gone through the roof for many people.
When the Hodgman Government decides to underpay public sector workers everyone suffers as we cannot recruit and retain the people we need to provide the quality services the Tasmanian community deserves.  And the wages cap holds down the wages of all Tasmanians.
Many of the vital services that Tasmanians working in the public sector like you provide are severely overstretched and we know that Hodgman’s budget will worsen the problem.
Enough is enough and public sector unions are united to put an end to this government’s policy of depressing wages and its refusal to allow us to bargain collectively and negotiate with us in good faith.
For the first time in many years we have enterprise agreements for public sector workers ‘lining up’, which means we are all bargaining at the same time for new agreements. This is an exciting opportunity for us to really build collective power by standing together to fight for fair pay for all public sector working people.

In unity,

Emily Shepherd, ANMF Branch Secretary
Tom Lynch, CPSU General Secretary
Helen Richardson, AEU Tasmania President
Tim Jacobson, HACSU State Secretary

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