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Child Safety Service: more workers to help children, families

Some good news from the state budget was the announcement of 25 new Child Safety Workers to protect children and support families. This was due to the action from Members and Delegates, which constantly highlighted the need for more workers in their #HaveAHeart campaign.

We wanted to see 40 additional workers but 25 is a good start towards this.

CPSU’s Tom Lynch: “CPSU members have been campaigning long and hard for these additional positions so that every Tasmanian child reported at risk can be allocated to a professional child safety officer who can provide them with the care and support they deserve.”

Child Safety Workers face impossible decisions every day between supporting one child or the next when they both need help today.

Meanwhile … the Supreme Court is set to lose funding. This is despite a growing backlog of cases. Meanwhile Tasmanian lives are left of hold as the wait for justice continues.

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