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We need to talk about estimates

This week is budget estimates week. It’s supposed to be a  week where the government of the day answers questions about the budget and its impact on public services. 

A responsible, honest government should provide frank answers about how it’s trying to improve all our lives. The Tasmanian government should be transparent about the decisions that affect us all. 

But, like every year, so far Premier Will Hodgman and his Ministers have dodged questions or left them unanswered during budget estimates. Ultimately, the Hodgman government doesn’t want to provide honest answers to Tasmanians.

We know many of you put in countless hours to provide expert, accurate advice for this process but we don’t know if this information is really valued by this government. Most responses to estimates questions were based on political strategy, involving deflection, finger pointing or even refusing to call on this readily available professional advice to answer questions that they didn’t want to answer.

We paid attention to estimates because both you and other Tasmanians deserve honesty and answers about the services you work in and rely on. Estimates provides a hope of receiving these answers but it ultimately, always, year after year, fails to do this.

We think there should be a better way.


Side notes

To cap or not to cap
In Monday’s Examiner, Treasurer Peter Gutwein said “we don’t support rate capping” about local council rates, meanwhile he’s keen to keep your wages capped until 2023. Go figure …  

Wages and the cost of living
During Monday’s estimates committee Peter Gutwein said: “The argument that wages are not keeping pace with the cost of living doesn’t stand up”. What do you think? Is this what you’re experiencing? Let us know. We think all Tasmanians need a pay rise.

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