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Proud to be Public Member Profile: Gerald Parsons, Tasmania Fire Service

My job is:  
I’m a Utility Officer at the Tasmanian Fire Service in the Southern region. Effectively, I do operations support. This includes looking after the fire station, minor maintenance, supplies and logistics; helping the volunteer and career firefighters be truck- ready. When it’s fire season, I’ll take supplies and food to the fire ground. 

My job helps the Tasmanian community by: 
My job allows career and volunteer firefighters be job ready, so they’re equipped for their next callout to help Tasmanians.

I joined the union because:  
I joined because I wanted a say on my working conditions. I didn’t want to just sit back and say “I didn’t get that.” We need to stand up and to have a voice.

My biggest passion or hobby outside work is: 
I enjoy all types of fishing and find that the scenery and tranquillity are as enjoyable as the fishing. My favourite lake to fish in is Lake Pedder, however the coastline around Tasman Island is quite spectacular too.

One thing I’d like to change or see happen in my community is: 
To stop the squeeze on our parks. Private development seems to be right on their doorstop these days, which is squeezing the last bit of life out of them. If the development was further away, and visitors had to travel a little to get there, it’d spread the benefits to communities. 

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