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Garry W Conroy-Cooper, Manager, Launceston LINC

My job is: To lead a group of dedicated and diverse staff and volunteers. To promote the social and economic benefits of reading throughout life. To ensure that people have the skills to read for work, play, lifelong learning and realise their potential in society.

My job helps the Tasmanian community by: continuously highlighting the benefits of engaging with Libraries Tasmania face to face and online. Emphasising in every possible forum of influence the social and economic benefits of libraries, reading and staying socially engaged. Through providing the community with a safe place to learn, discover and access information, resources, advice, skills development, programs and services for everyone throughout their lives.

I joined the union because: I believe in the history of social and economic impact that unions have had throughout the last 120 years of Australia’s history. I believe that all workers in this country need to understand that most of the beneficial conditions of work were largely the result of the advocacy, drive and commitment of Unions over the years. I am a union member as I believe union organisations, like the organisations members are employed by, also need to change some of their operational paradigms that have been left over from the 20th century and need to update themselves for the 21st century.

My biggest passion or hobby outside work is: There are so many. Volunteering for the Human Library Launceston to dispel stereotypes of diverse members of the community; creating and appreciating the creative world art/music/landscapes and the people who do the creating; and beards lol.

One thing I’d like to change or see happen in my community is: evidence based politics in local state and federal government.
Something unrelated to the other questions that I’d like to mention is: I define myself as queer and pansexual and polyamorous.

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