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Tasmanians need a pay rise: a few reasons why

Childcare: Many working parents rely on early childhood education to teach and care for their young ones while they’re working. Childcare costs rose 5.1% in Hobart in the last 12 months.

Medical & hospital services: If you or your family member gets sick, then you’ll find that costs have increased  5.1%. Health insurance premiums rose on average  3.95% this year.

Running your car: Filling up the car to go to work, pick up the groceries or drop of your child is more expensive with petrol and diesel costs increasing 9.9%Meanwhile RACT say costs associated with running your car to get where you need to go  has increased 3% in Tasmania over the past year.

Water & Sewerage: These essential services have increased 4.1% this year, which impacts Tasmanians who own their own home or rent. 

Power prices: The cost of keeping the lights and heating on rose 2.05%, which is higher than the wages cap. 

Council rates & charges: If you own your own home, in Tasmania, rates and charges across the board have increased by 5.3%.  House prices are on the up and the cost of renting a house is increasing too.

Politicians’ wages: in 2017 the Hodgman government increased its own wages by 2.4%, this year they will be taking 2.2% and that came after a massive 10.53 increase in 2016.

Cost of living: For Hobart overall consumer prices rose by 2.3%, which means the wages cap is eroding the cost of living for public sector workers and their families. ***CPI is now 2.7% in Hobart.

Savings: We aren’t saving enough for an emergency because of the escalating costs of living

We need jobs that we can count on that cover the cost of living.  But the costs of living are increasing more than wages. 

Will Hodgman’s wages cap holds down wages for all Tasmanians – private businesses look to government as a barometer for setting wages and conditions.

Tasmanian public sector workers deliver opportunities, protect the vulnerable and improve all of our lives. But these workers need jobs they can count on to deliver these services.

Tasmanians Need A Pay Rise

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