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Delegate Profile: Andrew Boskell

This week we talk to Department of Health IT Consultant Andrew Boskell.

My job is:

To provide operational leadership to the IT Support Team in the North West. To deliver consultancy to the DoH, THS and external vendors with the aim of supporting the people who support and care for all Tasmanians. Contribute to proving a safe workplace through WH&S leadership.

My job helps the Tasmanian community by:

Providing reliable IT systems and support, 24X7, to the areas of Health and Community services. Allowing those who support Tasmanians in need to focus on their primary duty of caring for and supporting people.

I joined the union because:

I believe that everyone should be treated with respect, especially at work. I am committed to my team and being a small group we can only effect change and protect our rights as a collective. I am concerned as technology increases and the world get smaller that the rights of workers will be threatened. We can only have a strong voice in amongst all the noise as a collective, strength in unity.

My biggest passion or hobby outside work is:

My biggest passion is my family. My next biggest passion is writing, recording and performing music with a message.

One thing I’d like to change or see happen in my community is:

Our children and youth find a strong and clear purpose with the support to grow without fear. More opportunities on the North West for the community to find meaningful work and developments that give the community a sense of pride in where they live.

One thing I’ve learnt in my Delegate role is:

Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy and people can be rather unpredictable. You can only be successful as a delegate by caring about others.

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