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PSUWA 18: Bargaining kicks off

Last week we had the first meeting with the Hodgman government to consider the Statement of Intent for the PSUWA.

We mostly dealt with administration – where and when meetings would occur and who would attend.  We indicated we would be asking two of our Councillors to join our bargaining team.

There were some positive discussions about conversion to permanency for fixed term staff so you can have jobs you can count on, and changing reclassification to make it fairer.

However, Will Hodgman has still vowed to keep the 2% wages cap, so we cannot genuinely negotiate around the bargaining table. We need to scrap the cap.

We know that Tasmanians need a pay rise. We’re seeing costs like rent, council rates, house prices and water and sewerage all rising above 2%. Meanwhile your wages are capped so it’s getting harder for many of you to keep up.

You told us: 

“I have definitely tightened up my spending because of the huge cost of living …  petrol, private health insurance, doctor fees, council rates have all increased in 2018.”   

“I think wages need to reflect the immense workload and pressure that is put on staff due to under staffing.”

“People are struggling and our government is not listening.”

“We need a pay rise greater than the CPI rate to make up for lost ground.”

“I constantly worry about my future, my super, is it enough, can I pay that bill, where can I cut costs.”

“Wage increases are not aligned with current economic growth.  The people of Tasmania are struggling to make ends meet.”

“Housing, utilities and food are consuming more and more of our earnings.”

“The pay we receive for this work isn’t reflected in their wages.”

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