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National School Support Staff Week

School Support Staff make schools communities. They create safer, kinder  places for children to thrive and be themselves. They support learners to get the most out of their education. School Support Staff allow teachers to teach and children to learn.

Last week we celebrated School Support Staff, who keep our schools running. School support staff include  Teacher Assistants, Administration Staff, School Business Managers, Social Workers, Speech Pathologists, Library and Lab Technicians, Education Facility Attendants, Cleaners and more.

During this week JLRF Herdsmans Cove Primary School’s Books for Breakfast program took out the CPSU National School Support Staff Award.

Watch this video about the fantastic program that fills tummies and feeds minds.

Well done to Sue Riley, Debra Ballette, Dale Langford, Carl Jones, and Steve Bennett and to the parent and community volunteers who all make Books for Breakfast possible. 

JRLF Herdsmans Cove Primary School Principal Carolyn Brown: “Schools are made of bricks and mortar, our School Support Staff are the glue that holds the school together.”

Thanks to all School Support Staff for the fantastic work you do.

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