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Tasmanians Need A Pay Rise

In your words: 
“Expenses are going up and we’re getting behind.”
“The cost of housing is going up tremendously – we need a fair pay rise.”
“Our pay rises are well below CPI.”
“I struggle with the low wage but love my job.”
“ I have tightened up my spending.” 

Let us know in your words, why do Tasmanians need a pay rise, why do we need the wages cap? Click here to tell us.

Tasmanians Need a Pay Rise petition: Find it here. Sign it, share it. 

Find and follow the campaign Facebook page here. You can add Wear Red Day photos directly to the page, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #TassieNeedsAPayRise

Tasmanian politicians are set for a pay rise of 2.5%, above the cap that Premier Will Hodgman has unfairly imposed on public sector workers.  

CPSU’s Tom Lynch: “We’re not surprised that the Industrial Commission wants to continue to link the Wage Price Index to Tas politician’s salaries – we don’t even necessarily believe that’s a wrong decision – we just can’t believe the state government is imposing its 2% wage cap on public servant workers and yet didn’t impose it on themselves. It is saying that politicians and what they do is more important than what child protection workers, teaching assistants and nurses do a daily basis.”

Did you see the Kudelka cartoon in the Mercury last week? It sums up the situation very well. Find it on Facebook here.

Meanwhile Tasmanian average wages continue to fall further behind. While Tasmanian workers’ full-time average weekly ordinary time earnings (AWOTE) increased by $25.40 to $1377.30 in the year to May, Nationally AWOTE increased by $40.50 to $1586.20.

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