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121 years of representing public sector workers

LAST Friday we celebrated the achievements of Members in the year that’s gone and focused on the job ahead. It was the 121st consecutive year the CPSU has represented Tasmanian public sector workers – and we are proud to do so because your work is important to our state.

Highlights from 2017-18 include:

  • Running the Child Safety Services Have A Heart campaign because Tasmanian children need protecting and families need support but there aren’t enough staff. Thanks to the pressure from Members, the service gained recurrent funding for an additional 25 Child Safety Officers. More are needed but this was a good win.
  • Launching the Boots on the Ground campaign because the Parks and Wildlife Service is responsible for more than half of the land mass in this state but there are simply not enough staff. Although the campaigning work of members secured additional Rangers and Field Officers, this is a tenth of what is needed, with tourism to the state soaring. 
  • Continuing Biosecurity Tasmania campaigning. The Hodgman government repeatedly told us we were exaggerating the threat when we warned of under resourcing to this service which protects our states export industry. Then the fruit fly outbreak happened. There was funding in the most recent budget for Biosecurity but it is nowhere near enough.
  •  Running the Band 1 campaign. Band 1 is supposed to be entry level but these positions are popping up everywhere in the state service. Our Band 1 campaign is working to address this, and is so far successful in reclassifying Port Arthur tour guides from band 1 to band 2. 
  • Almost a year ago we held the CPSU Delegate conference, which was huge. ACTU Secretary Sally McManus attended as did Economist and Director of the Centre for Future Work Dr Jim Stanford. We’re sure all Delegates who attended would agree that the conference was a massive success. 
  • Taking part in the National privatisation inquiry. Privatisation is when a government decides to outsource responsibility of something we all need to the highest bidder. Since this inquiry, we believe Australia has turned a corner in its attitude to privatisation, which is very much on the nose. Across the globe we’ve seen assets returning to public ownership. We need to continue campaigning for services to remain in public hands.
  • Joining members of other unions campaigning for Jobs You Can Count On because we need jobs that pay the bills and allow workers  to live a respectful life.
  • On May Day at the back of our building the national Change the Rules campaign was launched. Inequality is at a 70 year high, wages rises aren’t keeping up with the costs of living, wage theft has become a business model, corporate taxes are being cut and so called free trade agreements are selling our communities out to corporations through investor-state dispute clauses. The laws in this country are broken – that’s why we need to Change the Rules. More recently this has morphed into Australia needs a pay rise, which ties in nicely with …
  • Tasmanians Need a Pay Rise campaigning. We earn $208 a week less than the national average wage. Premier Will Hodgman’s wages cap is holding down the wages of all Tasmanians, he wants a race to the bottom – and to reduce your wages to those in the private sector.  

It’s been a big year and these campaigns are still running. We need you involved and active so we can keep getting wins on the board. Ask your colleagues to join us because together is how we win.

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