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Campaigning continues

The last week of August saw hundreds of conversations with workers and the public about why Tasmanians need a pay rise, with campaign actions from wobble boarding to protest marches.

Since then we’ve been out in workplaces collecting worksite pledges and even to the One Night Stand at St Helens. People get it – they’re living it and know only too well that their wages aren’t keeping up with the growing cost of living.

CPSU Organiser Lisa Ronneberg:
“Lauren, Blair and I had a really fun and engaging day on 1 September when we hit the road to beautiful St Helens to promote the Tassie Needs A Pay Rise campaign with punters attending the Triple J One Night Stand.  

“We spoke with hundreds of people, and the response to the campaign was overwhelmingly positive.  People were really keen to find out more and get involved.  One of my favourite parts of the day was talking to heaps of younger Tasmanians, they absolutely get that this is about them, their families, their communities and their future.  Some of them will be voting in the next state election for the first time, and they were super keen to let Will Hodgman know they think Tassie Needs A Pay Rise.

“We also asked people to sign our Parks petition, calling on the State Government to increase funding and resources to our Parks and Wildlife services.  Again, we got an overwhelming positive support for this, people want our Parks staff resourced and well-funded.”

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