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Child Safety: more workers needed to cope with demand

Child Safety Officers do their best to protect Tasmanian children and support families but there are simply not enough of them.

This week researcher Professor Fiona Arney warned that there was a child protection crisis across Australia. Although her study into South Australia’s child protection system, the Professor said this was a wider, Australia wide crisis.

“We are facing an epidemic of child abuse and neglect. “I’ve been a researcher in this field for 25 years, when I first was trained in research our explanation about reporting to child protection systems was that it was a needle in a haystack phenomenon and that there was over reporting … when in fact we found the reporting that is being made by notifiers in this state actually is about children who are incredibly vulnerable and have experienced repeated episodes of abuse and trauma.”  

We know this is no different in Tasmania.

We need a well-staffed, well-resourced service to ensure all children can live their lives in safety. That’s why our #HaveAHeart campaign will continue to fight for more workers to help those who need it. 

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