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Equal Pay for Educators

Yesterday we joined early childhood educators in their fight for equal pay in Hobart. Rallies were held around the country. 

Educators – who help children explore their word and build the skills they need from the earliest age – joined nationwide action in Hobart. The work of Early Childhood Educators means many of us can earn a living knowing our children are in good hands and building great skills from a young age.

But these workers aren’t receiving fair pay. In fact, they’re some of the lowest paid professionals in the country, with some earning only $22 and hour, which is half the national average wage.

Here at the CPSU, staff know only too well the important role Early Childhood Educators play.

“Children’s brains grow more in the first five years of life than any other time. As a working mum to three kids, Early Educators help me educate and give my kids the best start in life.  
They might learn through play, but it’s serious business.  They are professionals and it’s time the Morrison Government stepped up and fund professional pay for every Educator.” 

“When we arrive at childcare and pass our daughter Poppy into the arms of her Early Childhood Educators, we do so knowing that she is safe, nurtured, and cared for with careful consideration to how we approach caring for her as a family. Poppy’s educators talk with us about her learning and development and let us know where her focus is and what activities might build on those skills.  Leaving our daughter with her Early Childhood Educators gives us peace of mind. Knowing that Poppy is being cared for in these ways, allows us time to be individuals, time to work and contribute to our community and to our family in ways we wouldn’t be able to without those assurances.”

“Georgia has learned so much from her Educators. She’s currently exploring how to use a ‘quiet’ voice; she’s learned about light and shadows and is honing her social skills. At home, she often asks where her Educators are by name, you can tell they are a special part of her life and they deserve better pay.” 

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