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Health worker speaks out about service failures

Public Sector Workers are employed to serve the Tasmanian people not the political interests of the government of the day.

Clearly Health Minister Michael Ferguson was not interested in what senior clinician Dr Frank O’Keefe had to say about the under resourcing of our health services. But the public reaction to Dr O’Keefe’s comments and the Minister’s dismissal of them, in the end made Mr Ferguson stop and listen to what his employee and health professional had to say. 

Of course, it remains to be seen if the issues raised will be addressed but public awareness has certainly, and rightfully increased about services they rely on.

We know that this isn’t an isolated case that many of you work in services that don’t have enough staff, funding or resources and you’re expected to work as though this isn’t a problem. Public sector workers should be able to highlight failures that reduce access to or quality of services we all need. 

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