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National Child Protection Week

All children should feel safe and protected. But that’s not the case; with approximately one in 32 children the victims of substantiated child abuse each year in Australia. 

It’s NAPCAN National Child Safety Protection Week.

Children and Youth Services workers help families and young people in so many ways: keeping children safe , supporting families, and allowing kids to be kids again.

Congratulations to Child Safety Service Delegate Heath Lorkin, who is the state winner in this year’s National Child Protection Delegate Awards.

CPSU CSS Organiser Sarah Miller: “Heath is at the frontline when it comes to advocating for a better Child Safety Service for Tasmanian children and families. When it comes to standing up for these Tasmanians and his colleagues, Heath is always proactive. He’s played a key role in our Have A Heart campaign, which highlights the impact of under resourcing. At any action or event, you can count on Heath to be there and to round up the troops. Congratulations to Heath on this well-deserved award.”

Well done Heath, and thanks to all of you working in the Child Safety Service – you make the lives of so many Tasmanians better. 

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