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South Australia rallies in response to cuts, privatisation

CPSU members In South Australia rallied last week in response to the state budget that sees cuts to services their communities need, jobs these workers count on, and selling off services. 

Hundreds of prison guards walked off the job to protest the South Australian government’s plans to privatise the Adelaide Remand Centre.  The budget also revealed that the government plans to close seven TAFE SA campuses, three Service SA offices, and 59 Financial Counsellor positions in Child Protection are also being outsourced. The South Australian Government is also publicly threatening SA Pathology and SA Medical Imaging with privatisation on top of many other deep cuts within agencies.

PSA Assistant General Secretary, Natasha Brown: “The Government had a choice in what to fund, and what not to fund in this budget. By choosing not to invest in our public sector, they have clearly demonstrated that the wellbeing and sustainability of our community is not a priority for them. As CPSU members, proud public servants, and South Australians we must fight back against the cuts and stand up for a secure, affordable and accessible public service for all citizens.”

Find out more about the SA not for Sale campaign here.

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