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Tasmanians Need A Pay Rise

“I have listened to stories about how, in spite of working hard, public servants are struggling to pay bills and are making decisions to not pay for things like dental work, health insurance, vehicle maintenance, etc just to get by.

“I think that sharing these stories is so important. It is a similar story that other people in the community are telling and it is a story shared by other Australian workers. People are angry and they want change. They want a pay rise. They need a pay rise.

“Our campaign is not just about our workplace, it is about all Tasmanians. The message is getting out there. So, wear a t-shirt and talk to everyone. When you are at the printer in your workplace – have a conversation. When you are sitting next to someone at your kid’s sports club – have a conversation. If you are on your own, get on Facebook and if you don’t feel comfortable leaving a comment, just like or share a CPSU Facebook post.”

– CPSU Delegate Tania Shilcock, Department of State Growth
Winner – CPSU Award for Outstanding Contribution by a Workplace Delegate

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