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Tasmanians Need a Pay Rise: CPSU Member action continues

We know Premier Will Hodgman’s unfair wages cap is hurting all Tasmanians.

Andrew Pitt from menswear stores Neil Pitts told the ABC:
“My father has been involved in retail since 1949, and he thinks August was the quietest month in 70 years,” Mr Pitt said. “Low wages growth, that’s a big factor I would say in retail. People are focused on essentials.”

This is not surprising, when wages aren’t keeping up with the costs of living, people cut back. Meanwhile, we know the 2% cap is holding down wages increases for workers outside the public sector too.

Independent Education Union of Victoria and Tasmania Deputy General Secretary Loretta Cotter told the Examiner recently that any pay rise for teachers in Catholic schools was determined under a pay nexus to teachers in government schools. The damage Will Hodgman’s 2% cap is causing extends well beyond public sector workplaces. “It is pretty unfortunate that the Tasmanian Government is talking about just two per cent,” she said.

That’s why we hit the streets across the state on Tuesday.

We were out walking and talking to the public across major centres on Tuesday – because this is about them.  Will Hodgman’s unfair 2% cap is holding down wage rises for every worker below the rising costs of living.  

There were walks in Burnie, Launceston, Rosny and in Hobart. Walkers wore red, carried signs and made noise. They handed out campaign postcards to raise awareness about the detrimental effect the wages cap is having on all Tasmanians. 
Emil Kavic from Housing Tasmania was on the Hobart walk.
“It was a beautiful day and a great walk. It helped raise awareness. It was good to see the positive reaction from members of the public, with plenty of honks from motorists. Hopefully these keep getting bigger and bigger.”

Kim Swiadek from the Department of Health also enjoyed the walk.
“It was nice to see members of the public engaged. There were plenty of beeps from cars and smiles from passers-by. The walks are getting bigger, which is fantastic. It was a really nice atmosphere.”
Members took the message to motorists across the state in the morning and afternoon on Tuesday.
In Burnie, Launceston, Grove, New Town and Hobart we wobble boarded passing motorists.
Wobbleboarding is a fast, effective way to reach a huge amount of people. We need to keep the campaign front of mind, and wobbleboarding is a great reminder.  It’s also an easy and fun way to get the #TassieNeedsAPayRise message out there.

With works scheduled in the far South, Parks Delegate Ben Storer along with other PWS Members decided to hold their own wobble board on the Huon Highway at Grove.

“We had all the Rangers and Field Officers  plus an ASU Member from the local council. It was really positive, we timed it so the traffic was at its peak. We had truck drivers honking and kids hanging out of the side of the bus.

“We’ll also be supporting the AEU’s walk down here on Thursday afternoon. We’ve got the same group of guys committed as well as admin staff.

“Because of the nature of our work, we do find it hard to turn out to events in the city, so we’ll just mirror whatever events that are happening in the far south.”

Rafael Molina from Land Tasmania took part in a number of activities, including morning wobbleboarding and the Hobart Collective City Walk.

“The wobbleboarding and the walk were great. It showed the support we have from members of the public and the reaction was great.”

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