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Unions Tasmania Women’s conference

On Friday September 9 a strong contingent of proud CPSU women joined other unionists at the 2018 Unions Tasmania Women’s Conference. They listened to ACTU President Michele O’Neil and commentator and activist Van Badham, amongst other workshops and panels. 

Kim Swiadek, Department of Health Delegate, was one of the CPSU members who went along.
“I really enjoyed the Women’s Conference and speaking with other women. We shared advice and ideas with each other. It was great to hear from Delegates across unions, workplaces and businesses about what they’d been up to. It was a great atmosphere – there were kiddies there, a woman at my table was picking a wedding dress – it was a real tribe. Everyone listened to what others had to say, it really gave me confidence. It was a great day with a lot of strong women.” 

Delegate Jenny Forward, Royal Hobart Hospital Refugee-Migrant Liaison Officer also attended.
“I found it really inspiring. There were great speeches and it was fantastic to be part of a union movement that supports women’s rights. It was a great networking opportunity. The women’s conference is always inspiring and makes you feel more powerful. It’s so good to be among others who care about what’s happening and want to change things.”

CPSU Assistant Secretary, Thirza White told the conference:  “Being union, taking direct action and showing solidarity are the only things that have ever worked to change the rules.”
Quoting Rosa Luxemburg, she said: “The most revolutionary thing we can do is to always proclaim loudly about what is going on.” 

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