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Campaign builds across worksites

Organisers are busy visiting worksites and working with Delegates, delivering campaign materials and talking to workers about industrial action.

Your Delegates are a key contact during this action, so if you do have any questions please talk to your Delegate. If you don’t have a Delegate at your worksite, contact your Organiser or the union office.

We’re also talking to member groups about further profession-specific actions that will start next week. If you have any ideas for action, please talk to your Organiser or Delegate.  

Meanwhile the Hodgman government has chosen to underfund and understaff so many services that Tasmanians need.

Parks and Wildlife don’t have enough workers or funds to maintain our Parks and Reserves that are experiencing unprecedented demand from visitors.

The Family Violence Counselling and Support Service doesn’t have enough workers to cope with the influx of demand of Tasmanians needing help to escape family violence.

We haven’t seen the investment needed to keep our Biosecurity borders safe into the future, despite the recent fruit fly crisis.

Child Safety Workers are crying out for more staff to help them protect Tasmanian families.

These are just a few examples. 

But last week we learned that Will Hodgman’s government managed to find an extra, unbudgeted $3.2 million for things like payouts to ministerial staff. “The more than $3 million in extra ministerial and parliamentary support costs included about $870,000 in post-election payouts to 36 people working across all political parties”

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