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You did it!

You did it.

You stopped work and stood up to send a message not only to the Premier and his Treasurer but all Tasmanians.

On Wednesday we stopped work and thousands of you went to a stop work meeting. Your turnout was huge in Hobart, Launceston, Burnie, Devonport and Launceston.

In Hobart the expected crowd was so big we needed to change venues.

Regionally, St Helens and Scottsdale were a success with many walking away from their work.

Even on the Tasman Peninsula, members took action and wobble boarded. A tourist from France even joined in! 

This wasn’t easy. There was bullying, and there were threats and intimidation.

We know you’re overloaded and there aren’t enough workers, so stopping work is a big ask, and one we don’t ask you to take often.

You should be proud. Around the state there was a sea of red as members of six public sector unions were joined by many of their private sector colleagues. 

This was you, each member who made the tough decision to stop work.

We were heard. The Hodgman government noticed, as did the community. On Friday every single letter to the editor in the Mercury gave reason after reason why Will Hodgman should scrap his unfair cap and bargain in good faith.

It’s bigger than us, all Tasmanians need a pay rise.

We’re told our economy is booming but wages aren’t keeping up. Every time we open a bill, it’s more than the year before.  It’s a reality so many Tasmanians are living, and they’re living it now.

The biggest influence on wages in this state is Will Hodgman’s 2% wage cap.  When the biggest employer in the state says that wages should be capped at 2% every other employer listens and regardless of how well they are doing or how hard their employees work – 2% is all they get.

Many Tasmanian families are struggling to pay the bills but the Hodgman Government can’t see or won’t see that the reason that making ends meet is getting harder and harder is because living costs are rising but our wages are not.

This was the Hodgman government’s response to you, your colleagues and Tasmanians who are struggling. The only word is contempt. 

That’s why actions continue and escalate this week around services. Tomorrow in the south we have three collective walks in Hobart and at Rosny and St Johns Park New Town.

We’ll have more actions between now and Christmas. 

But for now, be proud. 

You deliver services we all need; you stood up for yourselves, your colleagues and a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. You gave voice to all Tasmanian workers and their families who are finding it hard to get by. 

Well done, you did it.

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