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Delegate Profile: Hamish Robinson, DPIPWE

My job is: A Property Valuer with the Office of the Valuer-General, Hobart Office.

My job helps the Tasmanian community by: Supplying valuations and other related property information that assists individuals, private businesses, Local Governments and State Government authorities make financial decisions on matters pertaining to real property.

I joined the union because: There appears to be a slow and steady movement by employers over the past 15 years where the general Australian work environment is becoming more indifferent towards employees.

Employees’ rights are under constant pressure/attack to be watered down, and in some instances completely removed. In general, the union has done an exceptional job over the decades in fighting for workers’ rights, conditions and remuneration.  The average employee doesn’t have the time or resources to fight/protect these rights on an ongoing basis. This is where the CPSU comes into play and helps all employees.

My biggest passion or hobby outside work is:
My biggest passion is surfing, when there are no waves and the wind is up, I’ll be windsurfing.

One thing I’d like to change or see happen in my community is:
People paying more attention to the attempted erosion of individual’s civil liberties.

One thing I’ve learnt in my Delegate role is:
I’ve only been in this role a very short period of time, however, I have realised that people are far more passionate and concerned about their employment and future with their employer. Once you start having conversations about work conditions, remuneration and other related issues in the work place people begin to really open up and talk about it. These discussions have led to people joining the CPSU.
The more members, the more people power.

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