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Hodgman should stay out of Right to Information requests

Governments of the day are there to serve the communities they’re elected to run. They’re not there to look after their own political interests – unless you’re talking about the Hodgman Government. 

Last week media reported a massive backlog in processing reviews of Right to Information requests, blowing out from an average of 381 days to 881 days.

The Hodgman government has deliberately politicised the RTI process – involving ministerial offices, so they can be one step ahead politically

Meanwhile, he’s saying that his government is “continuing to enhance transparency in government with the expansion of routine disclosure of information across all departments”.

Hodgman and his ministers deliberately slow down the public’s right to know because their ministerial offices insert themselves in the process. This is not transparency – Will Hodgman should direct his ministerial offices to keep out of the public’s right to know and let the process run its course.

This comes after Tasmania scored the worst in transparency measures out of any state or territory in the Grattan Institute’s State Orange Book, released on October 28.

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