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Member Profile: Kate Duttmer

My job is: Senior Environmental Officer, and Team Leader of the Marine Compliance and Audit Unit, Salmon Environmental Management Section, EPA Tasmania.
My job helps the Tasmanian community by: Making sure the State’s aquaculture companies are growing fish in Tasmania’s waterways in a way that won’t cause environmental harm. It’s a case of trying to balance out the need for primary industries such as aquaculture to support economic development in Tasmania, but in a way that is environmentally sustainable. Basically they have a set of environmental conditions they must comply with, and it’s our job to ensure they are doing that.    
I joined the union because: I’ve been a union member since I started working. I want to support the organisation that bargains on our behalf for better wages and conditions, and it’s also good to know that there is a go-to in case I need any advice or help for my own personal circumstances. I’ve had some help and good advice from the union a couple of times over the years. I believe in collective action and the power in working together for common goals, like better living standards for everyone. 
My biggest passion or hobby outside work is: My 2 young-ish kids keep me busy enough, but I love to get out on my stand-up paddleboard when the weather is looking halfway decent, and I also enjoy going out for a ride on my partner’s motorbike and seeing a bit of the countryside. One day I might work up the courage to get my own bike and licence but for now it’s fun watching the world go by from the back!
One thing I’d like to change or see happen in my community is: A bit of a bugbear of mine is public transport – there is a lot of talk about congestion on our roads lately, but our public transport system doesn’t really help people, who can easily use a bus, get out and catch a bus. I’d love it if the government and Metro got organised and developed a public transport system that’s easy to use and cheap. Other cities have done it, a city our size doesn’t need expensive new roads or expensive new ferry or light rail systems (although some money spent on public transport would be great!), just develop a better bus system. Make it more attractive for people to catch the bus than to drive, and get kids using school buses too! It’s better for the environment, better for our health, and will make everyone’s journeys faster. 

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