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Schools Stop Work November 27-28

Will Hodgman continues to disrespect Tasmanians working in schools and colleges, who keep our schools running, teach our children vital skills and make school communities safe places to learn.

Despite widespread industrial action across the public sector the Premier refuses to negotiate in good faith and scrap the 2% wages cap. Tasmanians need wage rises that shows respect for the work they do, keeps up with the rising costs of living and you need action on understaffing & workloads.  We know the importance of the work you do and it’s time Will Hodgman’s government does the same.

On Monday the School Administration Advisory Forum (SAAF) – the CPSU Membership group for school admin voted to endorse stop work meetings on Tuesday November 27 and Wednesday November 28. On these dates, CPSU members at schools and colleges, including Allied Health Professionals, will join their Australian Education Union colleagues at stop work meetings. 

Members should travel straight from home to a nearby meeting location for a 9am start and meetings will run for about 45 minutes. We’ve factored in travel, so you can be at your workplace by 10.30am.

This will mean the normal start time for schools will be delayed which may cause disruptions for some parents.  This is unfortunate however withdrawing your labour is the only option remaining to you in the face of a government that won’t listen.  The CPSU will be advising all our members with children at school to take carers leave to care for their children that morning.  It will be up to the Minister to decide if and when schools open for business.

In the last stop work action there was some pressure placed on members not to participate in the action.  The government has recently made its position very clear with your Secretary advising that he ‘respects the decision of union members to participate in industrial action and will not discriminate against those that choose to’.  

If you are asked whether you will be taking part in the action you should say ‘I am a member of the CPSU and will be participating in the duly authorised industrial action’.



NORTH/NORTH-WEST: 9am-9.45am, Tuesday, 27 November.
SOUTH: 9am-9.45am, Wednesday, 28 November.

Here is the current list of locations:

North/North West
Stop Work Schools N & NW


Stop Work Schools South

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