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Stop Work action

Congratulations to all who stopped work last Wednesday and stood up for fair pay.

We saw members turn out in all Tasmanian cities, as well as St Helens and Scottsdale. We know many of you work in regional areas too far from a meeting but you still stopped work too.

Here’s what you had to say about the stop work around the state:

 “It was an opportunity to all come together, it empowered us because we are all in this together. We had a lot of support from members of the public as well, who’ve seen my (Tassie Needs a Pay Rise) badge and are really supportive.” Mel

 “All those who went found the rally brilliant, especially when they saw the concerted effort of all the unions private and public to unite.” Jonathon

 “I was really happy with the huge amount of people who turned out. I was disappointed that we still haven’t heard a response from the government. The turnout around the state shows the amount of support for the campaign and the number of people out there who are under pressure.” Leon

 “It was really overwhelming in a good way. Just the amount of support from the community, outside of the immediate group of workers affected, who came along to the rally was fantastic. If the government doesn’t listen, there’s something wrong.” Adam

 “The rally was really well organised, and really up beat. People seem keen to take this campaign further. It’s not just about a pay rise; there are a whole range of other issues. Pay for public sector workers sets the benchmark for the private sector – people aren’t going to get any more than what we’re offered.” Daniel

PHOTOS: You can see plenty of photos from the day on our Facebook page here.

VIDEO: If you missed a meeting, you can watch the video taken live at the Hobart rally here on the Tassie Needs a Pay Rise Facebook page.

On Monday we heard that Tasmania is the ‘rising star’ in terms of economic performance.
But what good is a booming economy if Tasmanians are finding it tough to pay the bills?

Meanwhile, it’s been eight days since 7,500 Tasmanians rallied and we’ve heard crickets from the Premier and Treasurer. Maybe they’re happy for their mates in the big business lobby to defend their lack of action?


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