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Public sector workers reject 2% wages cap, overwhelming response in favour of counter offer

Over the last week members have voted to reject the Hodgman Government’s 2% wages offer.

At stop work meetings in Burnie, Launceston and Hobart, Tasmanians delivering services we all need voted ‘no’ to 2% and ‘yes’ to the counter offer.

A survey of Members in the wake of these meetings yielded the same result: 92.5% of respondents rejected the Premier’s offer of 2% and supported the counter offer of 3%.  Less than 1% of respondents were willing to accept a 2% rise with about half of the remaining 6.5% of respondents saying they deserved much more than 3%!

Following a meeting of the CPSU Executive yesterday, your union has written to the Premier saying that ‘hand on heart’ we have consulted members and they overwhelmingly reject the 2% wage cap offer.  As a sign of good faith we have agreed to lift the bans and limitations currently in place to allow the Premier to do what he said he would do – meet with us, have further discussions and achieve a positive outcome. 

The only exception is that over this period the action of Members wearing and displaying ‘Tasmanians need a pay rise’ campaign colours, logos and badges including on their official uniform, will remain in place.  The latest Notice of Action can be accessed here – please remove all existing Notice of Actions and replace them with this one.

We know it’s fair
Workers in Government Business Enterprises received wage increases above the 2% cap, which was great news – but it’s baffling why Will Hodgman will scrap his cap for some workers who deliver vital services and not others. 

There are many reasons why the wages cap should be scrapped, including rental costs, which have skyrocketed far above 2%. Rental prices in Hobart recorded 15.1 per cent year-on-year growth from the March 2017 quarter to the March 2018 quarter.

The government’s own Treasury department’s figures show that the 2% wages cap is below the rising costs of living.  The annual percentage change in CPI components for Hobart in the September quarter for 2018 was 2.7%. It shows that costs like transport was up 6.1%, housing up 4%, health up 3.5%, education costs up 2.2%.  These are the Hodgman government’s own figures.

We know it’s affordable
There’s a budget surplus forecast. The Treasurer and Premier keep talking about a golden age and sharing the good economic times with Tasmanians. They’re giving out money out to private tender for tourism ventures – so there should be a share for ensuring decent services, which Tasmanians rely on, and those who run them. We’ve read about big payouts to executives leaving the service.

Budget are about choices, and many CPSU members tell us that they feel that Premier Hodgman always put them and their families last.

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