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Stop Work: Well Done!

Well done to all Members who stopped work this week.

Meetings were held in Burnie, Launceston and Hobart. Turnout was fantastic. We are not a militant minority as Treasurer Peter Gutwein claims. We are a committed majority. We stood with fire fighters and colleagues from United Voice Tasmania and the Australian Workers Union.

CPSU Assistant Secretary Thirza White: 
“We stop work because we are Proud to be Public. We stop work because Tasmanians need a pay rise. We stop work because it’s time you were respected for the work you do. We know our hospitals are in crisis. Because we can see the ambulances ramped down Argyle St. 


“We know that the community would be equally as outraged if we could see the hundreds of kids waiting to be allocated to a Child Safety Officer struggling under crippling workloads.

“What we don’t see are Business Managers who give away $47k a year of their own time in unpaid overtime.

“What we don’t hear about is that Service Tas employees on part time hours are unable to get more as ‘Service Tas ‘doesn’t offer full time’ anymore.

“What we don’t see if the casual Band 1 employees employed on our Biosecurity front line.

“What we don’t hear about is the Parks staff removing faeces by hand because our toileting infrastructure is not capable of dealing with our growing tourism numbers. Staffing so stretched members raise concerns about our ability to safely evacuate national parks with growing visitor numbers every day.”

Read more in these news articles here and here.

Thanks to members who spoke at the stop work meetings and talked to the media. Your stories are important. The work you do keeps Tasmania running but the wages cap and workload are hurting you personally and professionally. It’s impacting on your lives at home and services for all Tasmanians. You can read what some of these members had to say below. You can also watch the video of the Hobart stop work on our Facebook page here

It’s fantastic to hear that Government Business Enterprise workers received pay increases over the 2% cap. We would like Peter Gutwein to extend the same courtesy to other Tasmanians delivering public services. 

If you’d like to share your story, please contact us. Send an email to or give Jo a call on 0408 252 484.

While Will Hodgman holds on tight to 2%:
• Childcare costs rose 5.1% in Hobart in the last 12 months.
• If you or your family member gets sick, then you’ll find that costs have increased  5.1%. Health insurance premiums rose on average of 3.95% this year.
• RACT say costs associated with running your car to get where you need to go  has increased 3% in Tasmania over the past year.
• Water & Sewerage costs increased 4.1% this year.

When looking at cumulative wage increases since the cap was imposed, increases that politicians have received over the last few years, it’s far above what other public sector workers receive. 

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