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Lowest Paid Workers Denied Paid Holidays by Rockliff and Bullard

School Support Staff who are stood down over school holidays have been denied both the ANZAC Day and Easter Tuesday public holidays this year.
For a number of years an Agreement registered in the Tasmanian Industrial Commission has ensured school support staff receive a pro rata number of public holidays each year regardless of whether they fall in term time or not.

This year the Department of Education has refused to honour the spirit of the agreement – effectively denying some of the lowest paid workers in the public sector two public holidays.

The Minister Jeremy Rockliff got paid for both the holidays. The Secretary Tim Bullard got paid for both the holidays. The DoE Industrial Relations staff who ran the case got paid for both the holidays. It was just those school support staff who only get paid for 42 weeks each year that were denied the paid holidays.
While the CPSU was unable to resolve this matter through a conciliation conference at the TIC we it will proceed to a full hearing at the TIC soon and we will win for these members.


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