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Parks Workers request a meeting with Will Hodgman

CPSU Parks Delegates have asked Premier and Parks Minister Will Hodgman to meet with them.

They want to talk to Will Hodgman about the impact limited resources and staffing has on their work, their workloads, and their ability to protect and conserve Tasmania’s National Parks, World Heritage Wilderness Areas, and Conservation areas.

We know that our Parks are overloved and underfunded, while we’re seeing visitor numbers surge.

Parks workers protect and showcase our world-renowned environment and ensure a sustainable environment for future generations. They played a pivotal role fighting the recent bushfires in our state and are key to keeping our wild areas and roads maintained year-round in preparation for the fire season.

They need more boots on the ground, and we hope the Premier will meet with their workplace leaders to hear about what’s happening in the Parks he’s responsible for as minister.

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