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Job, Services cuts loom

We know the Hodgman Government still has its $450m “efficiency dividend”, as Treasurer Peter Gutwein calls it, hanging over workers in already run-down services. We don’t see how further deliberate cuts to services, which are understaffed and underfunded, is in any way efficient. 

We still haven’t heard what services will be cut or which the Hodgman Government deems ‘frontline’.  We still don’t know who’s making these decisions. 

CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch told the Mercury last week:
“If you take all the occupations that everyone accepts as being ‘frontline’ — police, teachers, doctors, allied health professionals, nurses, firefighters etc they would total about half of the 29,000 employees in the public sector,” the analysis says. “This means that the remaining 15,000 would be cut by 10 to 15 per cent to achieve the Government’s savings. This is clearly unachievable.”

“Everything is already stretched beyond breaking and they’re looking at taking more than 2000 jobs out,” he said. “The areas they think are soft targets aren’t going to be the areas where they can save this sort of money.”

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