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Public Sector Bargaining

As you know the Hodgman government has given up on bargaining and decided it wants to refer the wage dispute to the Industrial Commission for arbitration.  The CPSU has sought legal advice on the Section 61 arbitration process and it’s clear that as is a legal process we need to ensure any referral is done correctly as the terms of reference will impact the outcome.

The CPSU, and other unions, have provided the government with feedback on its draft terms of reference.  We have proposed the terms of reference adopt four key principles.

On Monday and Tuesday this week our Bargaining Reference Groups met in Hobart, Burnie and Launceston to discuss the latest in negotiations and the process around referring the decision to the Tasmanian Industrial Commission.

If this is where the matter goes – we hope for a quick process because we know it’s been a long time since public sector members have had a pay rise.

CPSU’s Tom Lynch told the Mercury this week:
“I think both parties would want a speedy referral so we go on an efficient process here, one that has a clear timeline, one that can easily be implemented and we also need to be clear as a commission about what it is that we’re asking them to do because that really hasn’t occurred at this stage”
(The Mercury, July 8)

Bargaining – always the preferred option 
We believe bargaining is the way these agreements be resolved – two parties sitting down at the table and negotiating.  It’s something we’ve called on the Hodgman government to do since this the start of the PSUWA last year. 

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