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We have a 12-month offer for members’ vote

Our strategy has always been that to achieve a real outcome in bargaining we need to negotiate with the real decision makers.  Finally, after sustained union action, we have the decision makers at the table. 

Following our week of action and high-level discussions over the past fortnight, public sector unions met with Premier Hodgman and his negotiating team this morning and a formal offer for a 12-month agreement was presented.  Unions agreed to put the offer to members.

The new offer delivers a gross increase equivalent to 2.5% for members on salaries up to $80,000 and between 2.5% and 2.45% for those above $80,000.  There are no tradeoffs as part of this offer. A copy of the offer can be read here.

What is the offer?

The offer comprises:
• 2.10% – backdated to December 2018 (1 July for COs and Legal Practitioners);
• 0.25% – paid from registration; and
• 0.15% – paid as a one-off sign on payment but capped at a salary of $80,000.  

A sensible reset

The Premier has committed to a ‘sensible reset’ to our bargaining.  He proposes a program of negotiations be scheduled from August to November 2019 during which the parties will cooperate with the aim of concluding agreements for the remaining 2 years.  

Discussions on this program will begin immediately and there may be a role for the Industrial Commission during this period to help the process if required.  

What about conditions? 

The 12-month agreement will only include wages – no trade-offs and all the conditions matters are still to be negotiated.

The term of the 12-month agreement for most members is from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019 – meaning it has already effectively expired and conditions can’t be backdated like wages. 

What happened to arbitration?

Unions have been hard at work over the past few weeks to progress discussions on the Terms of Reference for arbitration before the Tasmanian Industrial Commission.  What became evident is that this was neither a simple nor speedy process and would evidently delay members getting a pay rise. 

It is from these discussions that the option of a 12-month agreement was born.  Included in the 12-month offer is the option of arbitration if we fail to finalise agreements by the end of November.

Same offer to all unions

The offer made today has been put to all unions in the same terms and all unions have agreed to put the offer through their respective democratic structures.   

Members will decide

Your negotiating team’s job is to get the best offer they can at the table, it’s then up to members to decide whether it’s good enough.

Your negotiating team think we have reached that point.  A 12-month agreement is not ideal, but it makes sense in the current circumstances. 

Next week all members will be asked to vote on the agreement. We will provide you with the pros and cons for this 12-month offer but the decision to accept is yours. 

Be proud of your campaign

Regardless of whether members accept or reject this offer, today was a key moment in the ‘Tasmanians Need a Pay Rise’ campaign.  The Treasurer acknowledged at the meeting this morning that the offer was clearly above the wages cap but of equal importance the Premier and Treasurer agreed that only by working together with union members can we bring this to an end. 

CPSU members’ continued action achieved this outcome, we hope you are proud. 
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