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12-Month Agreement Offers Signed & Registered

We now have the following signed registered 12-month agreements:
• Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement
• Allied Health Professionals Agreement
• Port Arthur Historic Site Agreement
• Ministerial Drivers Agreement
• Legal Practitioners Agreement
• Radiation Therapist Agreement
• Dental Officers Agreement
Correctional Officers Agreement is still on its way.

What you achieved working together
You are the first public sector workforce in Australia who have scrapped a government wage cap without actually changing the government.

Now it’s time for the Hodgman Government to show its sincerity about a ‘sensible reset’ to negotiations. We successfully scrapped the government’s wage cap and won wage rises well above what the government planned to pay and that should be celebrated. We stuck together and forced the decision makers back to the table and taught them a lesson about our resolve.

CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch told The Mercury on Saturday: “We saw the 2 per cent cap scrapped and we secured an increase in line with cost-of-living increases without having to trade off conditions. We will sit down with the Government almost immediately to start bargaining for the next two years.
“That process needs to be concluded by November. The Treasurer Peter Gutwein has said publicly the Government will reform how they do things and we will know very soon if that promise will be honoured. “There will not be the level of patience shown before if that is not the case. We want to see a sensible reset to negotiations. This head-to-head stuff is not in anyone’s interest.”

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