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September 8

Another day, Another Lie – Government will use forced redundancies

ACCORDING to documents posted on the State Service Management Office (SSMO) website last week the government intends to use forced redundancies as part of its plan to significantly cut the public sector.

Read more here.


September 5

march 13 2014 save jobs parly lawns 046







Wage Freeze Bill: Debate suspended after strong opposition in Lower House

LAST night debate began in parliament on the government’s controversial Bill to freeze public sector wages and hand decisions around future wages and agreements over to the treasurer.

Read more here.


Write to your Legislative Councilor and tell them to reject this legislation!

THE best way to get our Upper House to reject the anti-worker Crown Employees (Salaries) Bill 2014 is for you – constituents telling your elected representative why you’re opposed to this legislation and why they should to throw this legislation out.

Click here to find a map of Legislative Council divisions, a contact list for MLCs and a letter writing kit below, to ensure a strong message is sent to the Upper House that Tasmanian workers reject this legislation.


September 4










Tasmanians say no to budget in North, North-West

HUNDREDS of public sector workers sent a strong clear message to the Tasmanian Government today at Bust the Budget rallies in Devonport and Launceston.

Read more here.



September 3 

See you at the Launceston and Devonport rallies tomorrow!












IT’S your turn to rally Launceston and Devonport!

See the details below and #BustTheBudget


Bust the Budget Launceston

Thursday 4 September 4, 12:15pm

Civic Square

Find the Launceston Facebook event here.


Bust the Budget Devonport

Thursday September 4, 12:15pm

Rooke Street Mall

Find the Devonport Facebook event here.


September 2

Media release: Patient Care at the Launceston General Hospital at Risk From $36 Million Funding Cut

TASMANIA’S health unions today warned that patient care at the LGH was at risk from massive health funding and job cuts worth at least $36 million to Tasmanian Health Organisation North alone.

Read more here.


September 1

Rallies continue this week

AFTER a great rally last week, our sights now turn to Devonport and Launceston this Thursday.

If you’re in either region, see you at the rally!




















August 29

Amazing turnout at Hobart rally.

THANKS to everyone who supported yesterday’s Bust the Budget rally in Hobart. The turnout from CPSU Members was brilliant, and if you were there we’re sure you’d agree.
You can find photos from the day here. If you’d like to contribute any photos from the day, email them to
Rallies continue next week in the North and North-West on Thursday. See the details below!

Bust the Budget Launceston
Thursday 4 September 4, 12:15pm
Civic Square
Find the Launceston Facebook event here.

Bust the Budget Devonport
Thursday September 4, 12:15pm
Rooke Street Mall
Find the Devonport Facebook event here.

 August 29

Media release: Massive Cuts to Public Services, including Health and Education Hidden in State Budget

The Tasmanian Government has lied to Tasmanians about the content of its State Budget, unions warn, with massive hidden cuts to already stretched public services, including health, education, and law and order.

Read more here.

August 28

It’s rally day Hobart!

todays the day - Hobart


August 27

One day to go!

The Hobart rally is on tomorrow!

Here’s what you need to know…


Join the march!

We’ve got key meeting points and times around the CBD for rally day. See the map below, choose a spot and see you there! Delegates and union staff are acting as marshals on the day.

Download the map below.

BTB RALLY – Hobart map


Calling all budding photographers

Unions will be sharing photos and other content from the rally live on the day. Make sure you get involved too so we can create some buzz and spread the word.

Send your pictures to 0404 252 484 or email We’ll be posting live to social media before after and during the Hobart rally.


Share on Social media on the day!

If you’re into social media, use the official hashtag is #bustthebudget to get involved online on the day. Also use #ausunions and #politas so we can spread the word in wider political and union circles.

You can also post directly to our Facebook Page (find here) and use our Twitter handle @cpsutas and use @cpsutasmania for your Instagram photos.
Lies, damn lies – By CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch

WE WERE lied to. That’s right – to get elected Will Hodgman and his colleagues deliberately lied to Tasmanian voters.

Read more here.

meme - two faces

August 26

Pledges rolling in, meetings held around the state

WITH the rally only two days away, momentum is building!

See the latest pledge photos here.

Why not take your own? Find the pledge poster below, print, take a photo and email it to

BTB – rally pledge laminate HOBART


11111Philip Davis DoTAf 80 Elizabeth st







August 25

Rallies around the corner

It’s Hobart rally week! It’s not long now, make sure you come along if you’re in this region. Bring your workmates, your friends, your family and your dog!

Devonport and Launceston Members, it’s your turn next week!

See new pledge photos here.

HOB AUG 25 (Large)

DPORT AUG 25 (Large)LAUNIE AUG 25 (Large)



















August 22

Government backs away from hardline stance on State Sector Workers

YESTERDAY your CPSU updated you on intimidation tactics the state government was employing against its own workers and their unions.

We understand that today the government issued new advice to agencies instructing them to work locally with unions and workers to facilitate attendance at union meetings. This is a welcome return to legal, normal practice!

Your CPSU sent a clear message to government yesterday that Members wouldn’t be bullied and intimidated and it seems that message was heard loud and clear!

“CPSU Members and our friends in other public sector unions stepped up yesterday, worked together and defended their right to organise, to be informed and to associate freely,” CPSU Acting General Secretary Mat Johnston said.

“In the end the government made the right call by reversing its instruction but seriously, why do these things need to be done the hard way all the time instead of simply discussing it with people before hand?” Mr Johnston asked.

As we understand it the return to normal settings can be summarised as follows:


• Meetings will be arranged as through regular channels and facilities can be used,

• Members and potential members can attend subject to operational coverage,

• Union staff, Delegates and Members will discuss practicalities about meetings with local management, and

• Members won’t be required to use flex etc to meet to discuss industrial issues, including the budget.


You can’t be bullied into not attending meetings. If you feel you are being treated inappropriately despite this positive development please contact your workplace Delegate, Organiser or the union office on 6234 1708 or .


August 21

News_MRAugust 20 

CPSU Member, Delegate & Branch Councilor Tania Shilcock on the campaign

tania shilcock (2)CPSU DELEGATE Tania Shilcock kindly agreed to share her thoughts about why Members must stand together to oppose the government’s legislative agenda and attend a rally.

“I feel really angry about the government’s prosed legislation to freeze our wages. I’m also very concerned about the proposed anti-protest legislation. The legislation that will allow the government to freeze our wages undermines generations of successful bargaining by unions to ensure decent wages and conditions and it breaks a binding contract that exists between the government and its workers – clear and simple.

It’s been called draconian, I think it’s insidious.

Most Members I’ve spoken to have said they would support holding off on a pay rise if the government would guarantee public service jobs would be saved. But the government isn’t even prepared to discuss this with us. I question if this is an indication of the lack of value and respect that this government has for its public sector workers, when it refuses to engage with us and explore other options.

I am worried that if this legislation gets through what might be next – broken contracts, no pay rise?

I wholly support the campaign to bust the budget and I will be on Parliament Lawns on the 28th of August exercising my democratic right (for now) to have a say and oppose this legislation.

I really do believe that as a union if we do stand together we can make a difference – we have done it before and we will do it again.”

August 20

Letter to Peter Gutwein
LAST FRIDAY your CPSU sent a letter to Treasurer Peter Gutwein regarding concerns about proposed legislation and what it means for public sector workers. It’s written on behalf of an alliance of unions representing their Members’ grave concerns.

Read the letter here.
We await a response from Mr Gutwein.


August 19

Tasmanians say no to anti-protest legislation

THIS morning a diverse group of Tasmanians, including CPSU representatives attended the Peoples’ Picket Line on Parliament Lawns, Hobart.

It was about saying no to the The Workplaces (Protection from Protesters) Bill 2014, horrendous legislation that’s already passed the Tasmanian Lower House (Read more here).

There was a great turnout today, and you can find photos from the event here.

Sign the petition here.

















August 18

Pledges roll in, with less than two weeks to go.

See some of the latest photo pledges below.

GeorgieKathryn Lee11111111Jess Cassidy from financial sector union going to L'ton and hbt rallyDelegates Lynda Schnieder and David Bloomfield organised an afternoon tea at Hobart LINC to celebrate long termmilestone members. We also discussed rallyTamatha_Mel_rally1111Phil Roberts and Carolyn Ferrier






Herdsmans Cove













August 14 

CPSU staff coming to rally

CPSU staff pledged to come to the rally, taking photos and sharing these on social media to spread the word to their friends and family.

See some of these photos below.










































August 12

Organisers on the move

CPSU Organisers are out and about in the Hobart LINC, the prison, courts, schools, office buildings and many other worksites today to talk about the state government’s attack on public sector workers and rally troops for the Bust the Budget rallies.

workplacesAugust 12

CPSU in the news

Today CPSU Acting General Secretary Mat Johnston told the ABC Tasmanian public sector unions would look at the government’s Bills for the public sector once they were out, and take any legal avenue necessary. See the story here.


August 11

CPSU Councilors pledge support

At last week’s council meeting the councilors attending pledged to come along to a Bust the Budget rally!

council aug 2014 - BTB pledges 003council aug 2014 - BTB pledges 004council aug 2014 - BTB pledges 013council aug 2014 - BTB pledges 021council aug 2014 - BTB pledges 025council aug 2014 - BTB pledges 029council aug 2014 - BTB pledges 031council aug 2014 - BTB pledges 034council aug 2014 - BTB pledges 035council aug 2014 - BTB pledges 037





























August 8

Rally pledges roll in

DELEGATES and Members have pledged to come along to the rallies – make sure you do too. Go to our events page to find the rally details here.

CPSU Organiser Kathryn Lee with Launceston LINC Delegates Peter Brake and Lynn Bricknell.

CPSU Organiser Kathryn Lee with Launceston LINC Delegates Peter Brake and Lynn Bricknell.



CPSU Delegate Donna Johnston with Organiser Sarah Miller.

CPSU Delegate Donna Johnston with Organiser Sarah Miller.











Delegate Emil Kavic is going to Hobart rally.

Delegate Emil Kavic is going to Hobart rally.



Hobart LINC Delegate Lyndal Schneider’s pledged to go to the Hobart rally.

Hobart LINC Delegate Lyndal Schneider’s pledged to go to the Hobart rally.


































August 7

Organisers visit workplaces statewide

CPSU Organisers were out and about in workplaces around the state this week, spreading the word about the government attack on Tasmanian workers.

The first Delegate briefing was held at the Hobart CPSU office on Thursday night. It was a long discussion, running for over two hours.

99 Bathurst St Member meeting.

99 Bathurst St Member meeting.

St Johns Park Member meeting

St Johns Park Member meeting

August 7

Letters to Leg Co

The CPSU asked Members to send a letter to Legislative Councilors asking them to reject the governemnt’s destructive legislative agenda. You can send a letter too! Find a template letter and MLCs’ email addresses here. Feel free to edit the content and template as you like. It’s the Legislative Council who can stamp out this attack on public sector workers, so we need to lobby hard.

August 4

CPSU Organisers coming to a workplace near you

CPSU Organisers are getting out and about to worksites statewide this week in the lead up to the budget rallies. Organisers are delivering the latest info on the Government’s misguided priorities and what will be lost if their savage Bills get through the Legislative Council and become law. Organisers are talking to Members and potential Members about getting involved and how they can be heard on these important issues.


August 1

Support from NSW

The Public Service Association of NSW sent out an update about what’s happening in Tasmania to their Members – great to have support of other branches!

Read the update below.


July 31

photo 1Unions lobby politicians

Today unions gathered outside the Launceston council chambers to express outrage at the recent Tas government’s treatment of public sector workers. Fed Employment Minister Eric Abetz and Premier Will Hodgman were inside skyping Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Fed Treasurer Joe Hockey, who were in Hobart.

CPSU Organiser Nick Duncombe said it was a good turnout from unions. “It was very quickly organised and very well done. There was a lot of anger at the government’s decisions.

“A really special thank you to our WorkSafe Members, Delegate and Retired Member who showed up at short notice. “


July 31

Support from Victoria!



July 29

Petition launched

THE CPSU on behalf of public sector unions launched a petition calling for the Premier to:

Enter into a genuine discussion with Tasmania’s public sector unions and their workers about pay

To respect and maintain our system of collective bargaining

Not to diminish the right of workers and the unions who represent them to have a say on wages

Sign and share the petition here.


July 26

Support from WA!

WAPOU July 26


July 25

Rallies organised for Hobart, Launceston and Devonport

PUBLIC sector unions responded quickly to the government’s announcement, planning three rallies in the North, North West and North.

See the details here.


July 25

South Australia sends its support

Read the letter from the Public Service Association of SA below – solidarity!


July 24

Wage freeze story goes national

IN RECENT days unions and supporters around Australia have rallied to support Tasmanian Public Sector Workers after the wage freeze announcement, which looks to undermine bargaining in our state.

Read more here.

 meme - wage freeze true grit

July 23

Tasmanian Government launches massive attack on bargaining

Your wages now and in the future are at stake

Premier Hodgman, Treasurer Gutwein and their cabinet colleagues have chosen a shameful abuse of legislative powers to override your State Service Agreements and Awards.

Your CPSU hasn’t been briefed in any meaningful way by Government, but we understand the following:

• Cabinet will reduce all headline salary increases to 0% for a period of 12 months from the enactment of legislation. These increases were to be 2% for most employees or $1000 for those on the lowest classifications.

• Cabinet has further determined it will freeze any incremental progression and performance-based increments.

• The government will stop workers from meaningfully bargaining for wages after the one year pay and increment freeze. This appears to apply in perpetuity.

• The government will introduce two separate Bills to achieve its objectives. One creates a new statute to over-ride the current negotiated and agreed salary increases and increments and the other will amend the Industrial Relations Act 1984 to render bargaining on wages meaningless.

• The government aims to have the Bills through both houses of parliament by October.

Read more here.


July 16

Government Intent on Demolishing Tas IR Laws – No Entitlements Safe

What was supposed to be the continuation of a dialogue on budget pressures between the Treasurer and public sector unions served only to show the government intends to break its agreements with workers.

Read more here.

meme - wage freeze