Jobs You Can Count On


The services you deliver each day rely on jobs you can count on.

Unions believe you deserve jobs that pay a decent wage,  are secure and allow you to live quality lives. This is what the Tasmanian unions Jobs You Can Count On campaign is all about.
Unions Tasmania Secretary Jessica Munday:

“Tasmanian Unions have been talking to Members, workers and the broader community in recent months about their jobs and what they need from their jobs to support themselves and their families to live a good life in Tasmania. Tasmanians need jobs they can count on. If someone can’ make ends meet, if they’re in insecure employment, on a low wage that has barely risen in years or not being paid penalty rates, then their job is not delivering for them.”

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Photos: JYCCO Blitz week: here

Unions Tasmania Christmas video: here

Hobart Christmas Pageant photos: here 

At Christmas time Unions Tasmania delivered Christmas postcards from Tasmanian workers to Premier Will Hodgman with their wishes for what they’d like his government to take action on.

Some of the wishes that CPSU Members wanted to see action on included:

“Real flexible work arrangements, not just lip service.”

“Job security.”

“A fair pay increase.”

“Fill vacancies and increase wages.”

“Scrap the Cap.”

“Career pathways.”

“Improving our health system.”

“Broad banding.”

“Keeping our wages on par with the real cost of living.”


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