Proud to be Public

Public sector staff work every day to:

• Protect our children and support Tasmanian families;
• Care for the sick and get them back on their feet;
• Keep the community safe and turn lives around;
• Promote our export industries and unique island state;
• Protect our world-renowned natural environment;
• Build the skills Tasmania needs for the future; and
• Deliver expert advice to move our state forward.

Our Public Service delivers opportunities, protection and better lives for all Tasmanians. But Job and funding cuts are undermining the public sector built by generations of Tasmanians.

The Community & Public Sector Union is the union fighting for the public services you deliver every day.

Join Now and up  stand up for what generations have built the public services delivered each day and the values that make this sector strong.

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How Public Sector staff help Tasmanians



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