Save our Weekend

PRIME MINISTER Malcolm Turnbull said we needed to have a conversation about weekend penalty rates. We know that millions of Australians rely on these weekend rates and changing these would mean a sudden pay cut for these people.

Sign up to the Save our Weekend campaign here and stay tuned for more campaign updates.

Here in Tassie, you might’ve noticed some letters to the editor in local Tasmanian papers about why weekend rates are important. These letters are great ways of letting the community know what axing weekend rates would mean, as well as keeping this important issue on the agenda. These rates are part of millions of Australian working people’s wages and axing these would mean a sudden pay cut for them. People working on weekends are missing out on time with their friends and family on weekends, time that many of us enjoy. Business groups and Malcolm Turnbull are campaigning hard to cut the wages of millions of people. To show your support, why not write a letter to the editor?

Write your own letter: a how to guide Australian Unions has developed a handy online tool to help you write your letter. The tool has some great tips that makes it easy. If you or someone in your family is one of the many Australians who rely on weekend rates, asking them what this will mean to their lives could also help with your letter.

See some examples of published letters here

Find the letter writing online tool here. Get writing!

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