• Delegates are key to a strong and vibrant union. They ensure every workplace has a voice and is able to harness the collective strength of Members to achieve outcomes in that workplace.

The CPSU provides Delegates with training, mentoring and support. We work to ensure they have the skills and confidence to support Members, encourage potential members to join and facilitate involvement in wider union campaigns and activities.

If you’re a Delegate, please find some resources below to help you in your role.

If there’s any more information you need, or if you want to join our growing team of Delegates statewide, please contact us.



 PSUWA18 – Campaign Documents

Statement of Intent Flyer

Delegate Training 2016

2016 Delegate & Member Training


PSUWA 2016

  PSUWA16 Log of Claims

  Bargaining Survey Results – bar charts

PSUWA16 Phases of Bargaining

PSUWA16 Bargaining FAQ

SOLUTIONS april 21 2016

PTBP PSUWA16 flyer – aug 22

Discussion Paper – Supporting a contemporary TSS

Your Delegate rights

Delegate rights from Tasmanian State Service Award

Miscellaneous Resources

PTBP Workplace Poster – Your CPSU Delegate – generic 

PTBP Workplace Poster – CPSU Member

Member Data Update Form – abreviated version

PLS poster for your workplace

Bullying and harassment information sheet

 Delegate Nomination Form

•  CPSU Membership Form

Info Sheet: Keep our Super Safe

Know your Rights

Know Your Rights Availability and Recall

Know your Rights Bereavement Leave

Know your Rights Cashing Out of Recreation Leave

Know your Rights Casual Staff

Know your Rights Consultation

Know your rights Jury service

Know your Rights Leave without pay

Know your Rights More Responsible Duties Allowance

Know your Rights Leave without pay

Know your Rights Private Vehicle Use

Know your rights Purchased Leave Scheme

Know your Rights Uniforms

Know Your Rights Employment Direction 1

Know your Rights Salary Progression

Know your Rights – Return to work from Maternity Leave

Consultation and change: Stages of Consultation v18june2016

Useful information and Links

• Find Public Sector Awards here.

Find Public Sector Agreements here.

Analysing an Award or Agreement clause

• Find the Fair Work Act here.

PLS Clause: PLS

• Find information about your CPSU here.

• Find how Members can get help from the CPSU Member Advice and Support Team here.

Your latest Discount poster for your workplace: Featured Discounts Aug 16 2016 electrodry swansea state metro

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