Get access to all the tools and information you need to be actively involved in the Stand Up for Fairer Workplaces campaign by clicking on the icons below.


blue button – Draft Log of Claims


blue button – Meeting Schedule, Round Four

Download a meeting schedule for your region. Meeting times and venues are now available by clicking the button above. Meetings start on November 5. Find a time that suits you and lock it in. If you’re a CPSU Member covered by the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement, then make sure you get to a meeting in June.


blue button – Feedback form, Round Two Meetings

Let your union know what you think about a series of actions to address the six major themes uncovered in the Tasmanian State Service Workplace Satisfaction Survey.

If you’re a Member, print and complete the form and either scan and email to or fax it to (03) 6234 1498.

blue button – Campaign video – Round Two Meetings

Watch this short video explaining the round two meetings.

blue button  – Schedule of Member Meetings

A table showing the times and venues for the three rounds of membership meetings scheduled for April, May and June 2013.


blue button – Delegate Briefing Handout

The handout provided to workplace delegates during the briefings held between 14 – 18 March 2013.


blue button

 – Tasmanian State Service Workplace Satisafaction Survey results


Click on the button for all the results from the survey conducted on behalf of the CPSU & HACSU in February 2013.

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– Campaign video – Round 1 meetings

Click on the button to watch a short YouTube video. In the clip CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch gives a quick rundown of the Stand Up for Fairer Workplaces Campaign.