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Massive Cuts to Public Services, including Health and Education Hidden in State Budget

The Tasmanian Government has lied to Tasmanians about the content of its State Budget, unions warn, with massive hidden cuts to already stretched public services, including health, education, and law and order.

“Will Hodman is flat out lying when he says the Government is putting record levels of investment into health and education. In fact, the Liberals’ budget cuts will severely affect patient care in our public hospitals and the health of all Tasmanians,” Tim Jacobson, Secretary of the Health and Community Services Union said.


Unions Tasmania President Roz Madsen said the Government must come clean to Tasmanians and reveal where the axe will fall to meet the huge savings task they have levelled at departments and agencies. “Any suggestion that frontline services in schools or hospitals will be quarantined from cuts is a lie. It is impossible for the Government to deliver on the sort of savings they are asking for without cutting jobs and services that will affect every Tasmanian.


The CPSU’s Tom Lynch called on the Government to be upfront with the Tasmanian people and outline which jobs will go and what services will be cut.

“Even if you accept the premise that only 700 FTE positions will go, when you look at actual jobs and combine that with the offsets the Government will need to make to meet specific new commitments that actually equates to 1,172 existing jobs being lost.

“Worse than that, based on the size of the savings the Government is asking for the number of job cuts they will need to make to meet there budget targets would be in the order of 2,200 FTE positions. Kim Ford from the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation said that Tasmania’s health system had already taken huge cuts in recent years and simply couldn’t cope with any more.

“This budget will lead to worse health outcomes for Tasmanians, with patient care compromised, and nurses, doctors and midwives who are already stressed put under increasing strain.


State Budget cuts include:

  • ·         $210 million cut to Health ($111 million from Tasmanian Health Organisations and $99 million from the Department of Health and Human Services).
  • ·         $148 million cut to Education.
  • ·         $69 million cut from State Growth.
  • ·         $42 million cut to Police.
  • ·         $20 million cut from Justice.

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