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The Premier must heed the advice of the Legislative Council

Unions are disappointed the Premier has ignored the advice of the Legislative Council, the Industrial Commission, and the International Labour Organisation and refused to talk to his workers.


“Unions contacted the Premier on Friday to seek the opportunity to commence immediate negotiations to achieve the government’s budget requirements without the need to sack more workers,” Unions Tasmania President Roz Madsen said.


“We made it clear we were available to talk as soon as yesterday, yet we have still not heard from the Premier.


It seems saving 500 jobs, protecting our essential services and securing economic recovery are low-order priorities for Will Hodgman,” Ms Madsen said.


“Unions agree with the independent Legislative Council, the head of the Industrial Commission, and the International Labour Organisation that wage agreements should be done through negotiation, not legislation,” The CPSU’s Tom Lynch said.


“We opposed Will Hodgman’s legislation because it destroyed Tasmania’s industrial relations system.


“It’s always been possible for the Government to achieve further wage restraint through existing industrial avenues.


“Will Hodgman’s dummy spit only proves his bill to destroy our industrial relations system was never about a wage-freeze.


“Not a single cent is saved by the Government from freezing wages until December 4, the date of the next scheduled wage increase anywhere in the public sector. That leaves us ample time to come to agreement,” Mr Lynch said.


“Unions have repeatedly offered the government the opportunity to negotiate with us to achieve wage restraint in return for job security,” Health and Community Services Union secretary Tim Jacobson said.


“Let’s be clear about this for the record. The Government has never accepted our offer or attempted in any way to achieve an outcome through normal industrial processes.


“Whenever Will Hodgman or Peter Gutwein say otherwise they are lying. There can be no other interpretation of their statements.


“We believe the Legislative Council got it right in asking the government and unions to sit down and negotiate an outcome. We are ready to do that. We can get such an outcome achieved. All we need is for Will Hodgman to grow up and come to the table.

Find the letter below.

Letter to Premier Hodgman from Tasmanian Unions re Negotiations_260914


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