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Wear Red Day North West

Tasmanians need a pay rise and the first step in achieving that goal is for Premier Will Hodgman to scrap his 2% cap on public sector wages.

Pay rises are not keeping up with the cost of living but Will Hodgman’s unfair 2% cap is holding down wages for all Tasmanians who work.

That’s why Tasmanians who deliver services we all rely on – the librarians, teachers, rangers, nurses, health workers and fire fighters – are wearing red today.

They’ll be meeting for a collective walk around the Burnie city centre at lunchtime to garner support from the community and out campaigning in Devonport and Burnie during Wear Red Day North West.

They’re sending a message to Premier Hodgman that Tasmanians shouldn’t earn less than other Australians and that our standard of living shouldn’t be falling when the economy is booming.

All Tasmanians who work should have a job that pays them enough to meet the costs of living. While the wages of Tasmanian health workers, school support staff, nurses, fire fighters and rangers are capped at 2%, essentials like filling up the family car, keeping the lights on and water running and for insurance in case things go wrong, are all rising faster than wages.

Wear Red Days will follow in Launceston on Wednesday (August 22) and Hobart on Thursday (August 23), with a major health rally on Parliament Lawns at lunchtime on Thursday.

Key lines attributable to CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch:
“ When Will Hodgman was elected Premier, public sector workers in Tasmania earned on average $29.20 a week less than their interstate counterparts. In just four years this has risen to $134.40 a week and will widen further if the unfair 2% wage cap remains. How does he expect to recruit additional frontline workers when he pays less than other states?”

“ The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Tasmania was 2.3% last year. Over the next three years CPI is forecast to run at 2.5%. Accepting the Hodgman government’s 2% cap will mean earning less every year in real terms.”

“Tasmanians need a pay rise and the biggest obstacle to decent wage rises in this state is Will Hodgman’s 2% wage cap.”

“Union members have vowed to campaign to scrap the 2% wage cap: nurses, teachers, ambos, rangers, fire fighters, correctional officers, allied health professionals and many other occupations are standing shoulder to shoulder.”

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