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Will Hodgman retaliates against Workers as Tasmanians warn him to reverse his Cuts, Lies, and Broken Promises.

FRONTLINE and uniformed public sector workers today delivered thousands of postcards to Will Hodgman from Tasmanians who oppose his cuts to vital public services and urged him to stop the blame game.

“Tasmanians across the state are pleading with Will Hodgman to reverse his decision to break his promises with his unfair budget of massive cuts to our essential public services. They’re asking him to stop his repeated lies and stick to his promises,” Unions Tasmania President Roz Madsen said.

“We’ve been inundated with requests for more postcards by workers and supportive members of the community,” Ms Madsen said.

But in an extraordinary move that can only be seen as retaliation towards workers who walked off the job to stand up for our public services, Premier Will Hodgman has revoked requirements for the Government to consult with workers on changes in the public sector.

The Premier has revoked Employment Direction No 19 – Consultation in the Tasmanian State Service (ED 19), and that has subsequently resulted in the withdrawal of the supporting Practices, Procedures and Standards No 5 – Guidelines for Consultation in the Tasmanian State Service (PPS 5).

“Will Hodgman is so threatened by his own workforce that he has slammed the door in their face and refuses to talk with them about even the most basic of matters,” United Voice Secretary Jannette Armstrong said.

This is a Premier not the slightest bit interested in negotiating an outcome in the best interests of Tasmania with the workers that deliver the essential services our community relies on.

“Lets’ be clear, the Government has never offered to negotiate a wage freeze with public sector workers. Not once. Workers have never had the opportunity to ‘accept’ a negotiated wage outcome.

“The offer workers put on the table last week did not compromise the budget bottom line at all. Will Hodgman and Peter Gutwein are straight out lying to Tasmanians when they say otherwise. It just proves this whole exercise has been about trying to shift the blame for their decision to lie to Tasmanians, break their promises, sack thousands of workers and wreck the vital public services we all rely on.

“Tasmanians aren’t buying it. They know who is responsible for the cuts and if Will Hodgman doesn’t reverse course soon he may find his tenure in the job limited,” Ms Armstrong said.

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