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Today, as a result of a process that has been entirely managed and presided over by Will Hodgman, he and all other Tasmanian politicians will receive salary increases of more than 10%. Despite all the crocodile tears and mock outrage our politicians will get increases most of them have described as being ‘out of step’ with community expectations.

The total remuneration paid to the Premier will rise by $27,356 to a whopping $356,527. The total cost to taxpayers for salary and allowances for our 40 politicians will increase by $625,000 to almost $9,000,000.

“$625,000 would employ a lot of Child Protection workers, Parks Rangers and Biosecurity officers – people who would actually provide services our community desperately needs,” CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch said.

Some politicians have said they won’t take all of their new entitlements but there are plenty of unanswered questions about what this means. The Premier has said he would write to the Speaker to say he wants a lesser increase at the moment but how will the public know who is taking what and how long would any voluntary reduction apply for?

“We now have the ridiculous situation where each politician will write to the Speaker to decide what their salary should be. What’s the bet that as soon as the public’s attention turns away from this issue many of these politicians will be writing a sneaky note to the Speakers saying ‘I’ll take all of my 10.53% increase now’?,” Mr Lynch said.

At the same time as our politicians get a massive increase they are telling hard working public sector workers they must accept 2% or less. With recent reports of electricity tariffs rising by 3.43%, water rates increasing by 2.5%, health insurance going up by an average of 5.59% and home and car insurance rising by 3% this is clearly unreasonable. The government’s own budget forecasts inflation at 2.25% so effectively public sector workers are being told to wear another real wage cut.

Public sector workers have nothing to celebrate on Will’s Big Pay Day. What they see is a Premier who doesn’t respect them or the work they do, who is feathering his own nest while requiring others to tighten their belts,” Mr Lynch said.

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