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December 4

Yesterday the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement 2013 was officially registered.  Salary rates were also updated into the relevant awards so wage increases will apply from the start of the next pay period.  Work is underway on an application to amend the Awards to include other changes agreed as part of this round of negotiations and we hope this will be heard by the Industrial Commission before the end of 2013.

A number of Members raised concerns about the advancement assessment points (AAPs) shown in the documentation we sent out before the ballot. After further discussion it was agreed the AAPs would not be moved up the Bands as proposed but would remain where they were prior to these negotiations.  The only exceptions are Band 5 and Professional 2 where new levels have been added and therefore AAPs have also been included.

November 13

A new version of the Log of Claims Outcomes with updated wage tables can be found below

PSUWA13 Log of Claims – Outcomes Nov11

November 6

Find the latest Log of claims below.

PSUWA13 Log of Claims – Outcomes Nov6

October 15

The meeting schedule for Round Four PSUWA meetings is now available. Click here for the times and venues.


October 9

MEMBERSHIP meetings will be held in the first 2 weeks of November to report back on negotiations for a new wages and conditions Agreement.  Unions have made it clear to the government that this is the deadline for discussions to end so we can let Members know what elements of the claim have been accepted and which have not.  Various working groups are meeting each day to document the outcomes of their discussions and we hope this process will be largely completed by mid-October.  The outstanding issues such as wage increases and job security guarantees will be referred to Cabinet as the Government negotiators at the table don’t have authority to negotiate on these issues.

We hope to have a package to put to Members at the November meetings, but the meetings will proceed regardless. If sufficient progress hasn’t been made on wages and job security Members will need to consider how we ramp up the pressure to achieve an outcome.


September 25

SIGNIFICANT progress has been made in negotiations for a new Wages & Conditions Agreement for the Tasmanian Public Sector.

We have in-principle agreement on many  non-salary issues raised in our log of claims and are working to document those outcomes. Those negotiating for the government have no authority to consider wages outcomes outside the strict 2% wages policy so there’s been little progress on this front.  Unions have developed  approaches that look at wages as part of an overall package but any decision on wages offered will need to come from Cabinet.

We hope to have a package we can brief Members on by the end of October.


August 14

THE SECOND meeting of the PSUWA Central Negotiating Team was held yesterday.  The government is represented on this group by the Director of the State Service Management Office Frank Ogle, along with Phillip Baker (SSMO), Greg Johannes (DPAC), Jane Fitton (DHHS) and Mark Watson (DOE).  The primary focus of the meeting was to provide direction to the 10 working groups that have been established to progress issues.
Unions welcomed feedback that the Premier and Head of State Service had met to discuss the issues raised in your log of claims and had embraced a number of the issues raised amongst their priorities.  These include youth recruitment, disability recruitment, representation of women in senior roles, workplace health and safety along with the broad issue of public sector leadership and management.  Discussion papers were provided on workforce sustainability and entry level employment and on employment and demographic data on women in senior level employment.  These papers have been referred to the appropriate working groups for further consideration.
A paper was also provided on some proposed changes to the Tasmanian State Service Award – principally to address inconsistencies that have arisen in interpretation of Award provisions over the past few years.  Unions will work through this document and also propose a number of other changes designed to simplify the Award so it can be more easily used by both workers and managers at a workplace level without disagreement or disputation.
The Central Negotiating Team will meet again on 27 August and will receive reports from a number of the working groups.

July 31, Wages Agreement Negotiations Update

THE LONG process of working through the log of claims submitted on behalf of union members for the next Wages Agreement has begun and initial impressions are positive.  The issues have generally been positively received by the government and, while there might not be agreement that all suggested solutions are the best way forward, there seems to be a willingness to accept issues exist and need to be resolved.  The government has also raised a number of issues it would like to see addressed through the negotiations.

To this end eight working groups have been established and representatives of the State Service Management Office, Agencies and unions have been nominated to participate in these.  The working groups cover the following issues:

1. Salaries and Classification Standards

2. Consultation and Communication (Change Management)

3. Conditions and Leave (included addressing Award anomalies)

4. Work Health and Safety

5. Performance Management and Positive Workplaces

6. Recruitment and Employment

7. Health and Human Services Specific

8. Education Specific

It’s expected the working groups will begin to consider discussion papers on their specific issues in the next week and progress will be reported back to the Central Negotiating Team which is scheduled to meet again in a fortnight.

June 27, Yes to Log of Claims

CPSU Members have voted overwhelmingly in support for the log of claims for the next Wages and Conditions Agreement.  The log of claims was unanimously supported by Members who attended the 18 briefings held around the state over the past fortnight and overall more that 98% of those who voted said yes to the log of claims.

The claim will now be served on the government and negotiations commenced.

The claim proposes a number of reforms to the way the public sector works – reforms that have the potential to deliver significant productivity improvements.  Members expect that through these productivity savings the government will be able to deliver decent wage outcomes and provide job security guarantees.

CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch said “I am extremely proud of the claim that Members have endorsed.”
“It is forward looking and shows that union Members are interested in a fair outcomes and driven by improving service delivery to the Tasmanian community.”
“They have identified the areas that need to be improved and have offered practical solutions, which if implemented, will be good for both the community and the workers who serve it.”

“I would like to thank all those who have been involved in the process of developing this claim over the past 5 months.”


June 17, Round Three meetings start this week

MEETINGS to finalise the draft log of claims for the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement 2013 start on Tuesday June 18.

You can find the other meeting times here.

You can find the draft log of claims here.

This log of claims was drafted after the last round of meetings where Members gave their feedback on the actions to address issues around communication and consultation; recruitment; performance management; bullying and harassment; safety and absence management and job security.

The meetings will answer questions about the log of claims so Members are encouraged to read the document before the meeting.

Members will have a chance to vote on the log of claims at the meeting.  Those Members who can’t make a meeting with have a final chance to indicate support via an email ballot after this round of meetings.

Please make sure you come along to the meetings and encourage Members in your workplace to do so as well.

It’s important as many Members as possible come along to the meetings, have their questions answered so they are informed and able to confidently cast their vote.

See you at the meetings!


June 17, Huonville Meeting

AFTER interest from Members the CPSU will now hold a meeting at Huonville High School on Friday June 21 at 9.30am.


June 12, draft log of claims

THE current Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement expires at the end of June so we need to begin negotiations towards a replacement Agreement.

Our objectives in this bargaining round are to improve the working lives of members by making our workplaces fairer and more respectful, to begin a process of reform that will improve productivity thereby increasing job security and to deliver decent wage increases that meet the challenge of a rising cost of living.

Over the past 6 months we have been working with members to develop a log of claims that give us the scope to achieve all these objective.

You can find that log of claims below.

PSUWA Log of Claims

Please read through the claim as it is important that you understand the issues and support them.  Meetings have been scheduled around the state so that members can ask any questions they have.  The meetings will start next Tuesday (18 June).  To see a full list of meeting times and venues click here. 

Members will also have an opportunity at the meetings to indicate whether or not they support the log of claims.

Bargaining decent wages and conditions is a core function for your union and having a say in that process is a core responsibility of membership.  The CPSU looks forward to seeing you at one of the 18 meetings over the next few weeks and in hearing your views.


June 4, Meeting schedule for Round three meetings up now

Are you a CPSU Member covered by the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement? The find a time that suits you on the timetable below and lock it in!

Make sure you head along to one of the Round 3 Meetings for the Stand Up For Fairer Workplaces – 2013 Bargaining Campaign.

Meetings begin on Tuesday June 18.

June Membership meeting schedule – [updated june 6]


May 23, Round two over, get your feedback in

Thanks to all Members who attended round two meetings. Over the last week and a half, Members offered feedback on a number of actions that go towards addressing issues raised in the State Service Workplace Satisfaction Survey. These issues were: communication and consultation; recruitment; performance management; bullying and harassment; safety and absence management and job security.

If you filled out a feedback form at the meeting, make sure you fax it to the CPSU at 6234 1498.

The CPSU will examine the feedback and make any necessary changes ahead of the next round of meetings in early June, where Members will be asked to endorse a log of claims for the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement 2013.

If you didn’t make it to a meeting you can check out the actions we have been discussing here and provide your feedback either by email to or to the fax number above.


May 13, Meetings start tomorrow

Make sure you come along to one of the round two member meetings. Watch this YouTube video before the meetings, so you can come prepared.


May 8, Round two meetings start soon

On May 14 Round two member meetings begin. You can see the dates in the schedule below. Make sure you come along and have your say!

Membership meeting schedule

*Please note there’s been a change to the round 3 meeting at 22 Elizabeth Street was listed as being on 18 June instead of 19 June, this has now been corrected. 

Don’t forget there’s also a meeting at Letitia House, Mount Nelson on Wednesday 22 May, 11am – 12noon.


April 12, Campaign video on YouTube

Click here to watch a short video, where CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch gives a quick wrap of the Stand Up for Fairer Workplaces campaign.


April 10, New meetings for Letitia House, Mount Nelson have been added to the schedule for each round.

These meetings are on the ground floor on the following dates:

Tuesday 23 April 10-11

Wednesday 22 May 11 – 12

Wednesday 26 June 10 – 11


April 9, Member meetings kick off

Member meetings started today, with more meetings scheduled for the south this week.

Launceston, Burnie and Devonport – it’s your turn next week.

Make sure you look at the meeting schedule and come along – these meetings are all about getting Member feedback, so attend and have your say.


March 27, Survey Results Released

The Tasmanian Public Sector is tired and frayed and in need of significant repair.

This is the message that has come from an Employee Satisfaction Survey recently conducted on behalf of the CPSU & HACSU.

While 69% of those surveyed agreed their work is challenging and interesting and 65% get a feeling of personal accomplishment from their work, only 39% have trust and confidence in their leadership and just 32% believes the leadership of their Agency acts consistently.

One of the areas of most concern to public sector workers is the management of performance.  Only 16% of respondents felt underperformance was well managed and just 22% agreed that high level performance was recognised in a meaningful way.  Failing to provide regular and constructive feedback on performance leaves workers unclear on expectations and undermines productivity.  Respondents also highlighted concerns with the systems for appointment and promotion with just 26% agreeing that promotions in their workplace were based on merit.

Another area where the employer scored poorly was in communication and consultation.  Just 34% of respondents rated communication in their Agency as effective and only 32% agreed that employees are encouraged to participate in the decision making process.  Despite Award provisions that require consultation only 28% agree they are consulted before decision are made that affect their work.

Predictably reports of bullying and harassment were embarrassingly high.  Only 46% of respondents agreed that they had not witnessed bullying or harassment in their workplace in the last 12 months.  A culture that accepts bullying and harassment damages workers and undermines productivity.

While the survey identifies many areas of concern it can also be seen as an opportunity to begin the process of change.  Unions will use these survey results to engage with the government in a constructive way to build support for change.  It won’t be an easy process and will require a genuine commitment from the Premier and her Agency Heads but building fairer workplaces that value and respect workers is a goal worth fighting to achieve.

As full copy of the Workplace Satisfaction Survey results can be found here.

Read the media release here.

March 25, Member Meetings

The Agreement that sets the wages and conditions for most Public Sector Workers expires at the end of June so the time has come to get the bargaining process started.  The CPSU has been meeting with union delegates and has conducted an employee satisfaction survey to gauge how Public Sector Workers are feeling.  The next step is to meet with as many members as possible to hear your views and work towards a log of claims that summarises the issues we want to pursue.

To achieve this outcome we have scheduled a series of three member meetings around the state.  The first meeting will be to report on the issues Members raised in the survey and to consider the bargaining environment.  The second meeting will be to agree on the main issues we want to pursue through bargaining and the final meeting with be to endorse the log of claims and plan the next stage of the campaign.  It is important members attend each of the meetings to their voice is heard and they understand the campaigns objectives.  For those unable to attend a summary of each meeting will be posted on the union’s web page and a link provided for feedback.

The Head of the State Service has given approval for union members to attend these meetings in paid time subject to Agency exigencies.  Choose a suitable time & venue from the table below and put the appointment in your diary.  Please give you manager as much notice as possible of your intention to attend the 3 meetings.  The meeting schedule can be downloaded here.

Despite it being a difficult time for the public sector the CPSU is confident that with the active participation of Members and through a constructive agenda we can achieve a good outcome in this bargaining round.

Those Members covered by other Agreements such as Allied Health Professionals, Correctional Officers, Radiation Therapists, Legal Practitioners and Port Arthur should participate in the first two meetings as these issues are common but separate meetings will be held to endorse claims when your Agreements come up for negotiation.

March 22, Delegate briefings

The CPSU has begun a round of briefings for workplace delegates.  The briefings are designed to outline the bargaining environment for delegates and to hear from them the issues and seem most important to members.  Given the pressure that has built in workplaces as budget cuts have mounted and the government’s wages policy that restricts Agreement outcomes to just 2%, it seems clear that getting a decent outcome in the upcoming negotiation will require all members to be involved and committed to the campaign.

March 5
Premier Giddings removes the threat of forced redundancies.  Read the full story on Forced redundancies.