Your PSUWA Wins, Locked In: Christmas Grace Days

Know your Rights: Last year, CPSU members secured an entitlement in your Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement 2022-2025 that employees would be entitled to three grace days with pay to cover the three non-public holiday days between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, if their Head of Agency determines to close over that period. That means no more unfair deduction from your annual leave if your office is closed. 

Shift workers who are required to work will be paid time and a half for each of the three days they work. Day workers who are directed to work even though their workplace is generally closed (skeleton staff) receive access to take their grace days within a 6-month period from New Years Day. That’s a win worth celebrating. Got a question about this? Click Here to contact CPSUDirect.  Unfortunately, if your office remains open to conduct business as usual then you don’t get the days off at all. 

Your Christmas Grace Days are just one of 108 commitments secured by Community & Public Sector Union members in your latest public sector Agreement by taking action together, in union. 

If you know someone who’s not a member, tell them – don’t thank us:  join us.

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