Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders

Claims from the CPSU’s Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Advisory Forum.

Claim 98: Treaty Leave
Paid Leave for Tasmanian Aboriginal employees to participate in activities related to the development of treaty.

Claim 99: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Load Allowance
The provision of an annual allowance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees in identified positions who elect to share their cultural knowledge and for these duties to be recognised in an employee’s workloads.


Claim 100: Paid Time to Attend Events
For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees to be provided paid time to attend Aboriginal Employee Network events and any employer led program or events.

Claim 101: Cultural and Ceremonial Leave 
10 days cultural and ceremonial leave for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees, to attend cultural and community business and attend and participate in NAIDOC events.

Claim 102: Recognition of Kinship Relationships
Change definition of immediate family to recognise kinship arrangements.

Claim 103: Flexibility for Cultural and Community Business
That flexibility clauses strengthen the ability for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees to access flexible working arrangements for cultural and community business.

Claim 104: Cultural Knowledge Fund
The establishment of a Cultural Knowledge Fund modelled on the AHP Professional Development Fund that Aboriginal employees could access to fund activities that deepen their cultural knowledge, assist in the transfer of cultural knowledge or help to develop their own skills and knowledge in other areas of interest.